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La Jolla Vein Car continues to provide the latest insights for treating vein-related problems. Recently, renowned Vein Specialist, Nisha Bunke, MD, was interviewed by the New York Times regarding a new injectable solution approved by the Food and Drug Administration. During the interview, Dr. Bunke described how the solution is used for patients looking for an alternative to surgery.

Dr. Bunke specializes in diagnosing and treating different venous conditions using the latest and safest techniques available. In the article, the New York Times asked a former patient about his experience with Dr. Bunke. According to “Judson Emerick, an art history professor at Pomona College, ” he ‘had varicose veins so troublesome that he kept getting skin ulcers that failed to heal.’ After a series of injections with Dr. Bunke, his ulcers have subsided and he is thrilled.”

‘My veins had disappeared,’ and ‘My calves and definition were visible again.’  At La Jolla Vein Care, Dr. Bunke is doing more than practicing medicine—she’s changing lives.

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