Non-surgical Varicose Vein Treatments Mean Quicker Recovery


One of La Jolla Vein Care’s incredible patient returned to surfing just two weeks after varicose vein treatment.

Over the past decade, advances in the treatment of vein conditions have improved the safety, efficacy, comfort and success of therapy. Newer procedures have replaced old-fashioned vein stripping surgery.  In 2008, a statement by the American College of Phlebology announced that these newer methods, called endovenous procedures are considered the ‘new standard of care,’ replacing vein stripping surgery. Modern vein treatments are performed in the office, without anesthesia, and return to normal activities is almost immediate.  The average procedure time is 60 minutes.   There are several different treatment options depending on the type of veins, extent of disease, your ultrasound findings and other factors.  Normal activities and regular walking can be resumed immediately after vein treatments, whereas, return to heavy rigorous exercise, such as running and spinning is about two weeks.


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