Is Darkening of the Skin A Sign of Venous Disease?


When the skin becomes darker around the ankles, it may indicate underlying venous insufficiency. If you notice that your skin around the ankles changes color, you should see your doctor. Venous insufficiency can be diagnosed with ultrasound scanning by specialists.

Is Darkening of the Skin A Sign of Venous Disease? Yes.   Skin discoloration, also referred to as skin hyperpigmentation or venous stasis, describes the darkening of the skin as a result of venous insufficiency.    This is most frequently cause by venous reflux, an underlying condition that can be treated. When skin changes like these are present, the condition is termed chronic venous insufficiency.  Over time, the skin condition may worsen and the skin may become darker, firm to touch, scaly and itchy, and the skin may break down causing a venous leg ulcer.  It usually occurs around the ankles.  

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