Radiofrequency Technology: The Next Wave for Treating Varicose Veins

The next generation technology for treating varicose veins is here. La Jolla Vein Care is pleased to announce its newest device for treating unsightly, bulging veins of the legs- the Venefit™ procedure. The procedure utilizes radiofrequency energy to cause the veins to collapse and eventually vanish. The procedure allows for a quick, comfortable recovery and immediate return to normal activities. The next wave of technology for vein treatment is here-and it’s at La Jolla Vein Care.

What Is the Correlation Between Restless Legs Syndrome and Venous Insufficiency?

Patients with varicose veins often report a feeling of restless legs, especially at night when in bed. In our study, about 30% of patients with varicose veins complained of restless legs. Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a sensorimotor movement disorder characterized by uncomfortable sensations in the legs and an urge to move them. There are other causes of restless legs syndrome such as, neurological disorders, anemia, and kidney disease to name a few and is often treated with medication. Venous insufficiency is often neglected as a cause of Restless Legs Syndrome. However, when recognized, it is easily treatable leading to resolution of symptoms.
Treatment is aimed at correcting the underlying venous insufficiency. This usually is accomplished by removing the varicose veins or incompetent veins by new, minimally invasive, non-surgical methods. In our study, 98% of the patients with venous insufficiency and restless legs, had resolution of symptoms following treatment.
In another study, by Hayes, CL et. al, 35 patients with RLS and superficial venous insufficiency underwent endovenous ablation of refluxing superficial veins and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy of varicose veins. 89% of patients reported alleviation of symptoms.
If a patient has restless legs symptoms and evidence of varicose veins of the legs, a work-up for venous insufficiency should be considered. The work-up involves a duplex ultrasound evaluation of the leg veins. This may eliminate the need for medication for RLS.

Deep Venous Thrombosis Afflicts Serena Williams, Richard Nixon and more….

What do Serena Williams, Richard Nixon, Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney and David Bloom have in common? They have all suffered a potentially fatal deep venous thrombosis (DVT).

Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) mainly affects the large veins in the lower leg and thigh. The clot can block blood flow and cause swelling and pain. When a clot breaks off and moves through the bloodstream, this is called an embolism. An embolism can get stuck in the brain, lungs, heart, or other area, leading to severe damage.

Blood clots may form when something slows or changes the flow of blood in the veins. Risk factors include:

  • After a pacemaker catheter has been passed through the vein in the groin
  • Bedrest
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Family history of blood clots
  • Fractures in the pelvis or legs
  • Giving birth within the last 6 months
  • Heart failure
  • Obesity
  • Recent surgery (especially hip, knee, or female pelvic surgery)
  • Too many blood cells being made by the bone marrow (polycythemia vera), causing the blood to be thicker and slower than normal

You’re also more likely to develop DVT if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Blood that is more likely to clot (hypercoagulability)
  • Cancer
  • Taking estrogens or birth control pills.
  • Long airplane flights: London’s Heathrow Airport reports one passenger death a month from DVT. One nearby hospital recorded thirty passenger deaths from DVT in the past three years including a 28-year-old man. To reduce the risk of DVT during air travel,  passengers are advised to wear compression stockings on flights, frequent moving aroudnt he cabinand pumping the calf muscles, leg elevation and avoidance of sedentary positions for long periods of time without moving.

La Jolla Vein Care Welcomes Dr. Helane Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh

La Jolla Vein Care is pleased to welcome Dr. Helane Fronek to its staff of venous disease specialists.  Helane Fronek MD, FACP, FACPh entered the field of phlebology in 1985 and has been an integral part of the development of this new medical specialty.  As the Director of the Varicose Vein Clinic at Scripps Clinic, she provided cutting edge treatment for the entire spectrum of superficial venous disorders and conducted research on venous leg ulceration, compression therapy, and emerging therapies for varicose veins.  Dr. Fronek is a past president of the American College of Phlebology, the largest medical organization devoted to vein care.  She is a respected speaker and educator in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment for venous disease and communication in the medical arena.  Dr. Fronek was the first recipient of the American College of Phlebology’s prestigious Leadership Award.  Board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Phlebology, she is also Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UC-San Diego School of Medicine, where she teaches medical students the practice of physical examination and the art of medicine.  Dr. Fronek has dedicated her career to providing technically excellent and compassionate care to her patients and to inspiring and teaching the next generation of phlebologists.  Dr. Fronek is well known for authoring, ‘The Fundamentals of Phlebology’ which is a medical textbook used by most Phlebologists entering the field.

Healthy Veins Day

La Jolla Vein Care and Medi USA recently hosted an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony. The open house, which was part of Healthy Veins Day, was aimed at supporting the medical community and creating awareness about common venous conditions. Throughout the day, La Jolla Vein Care offered free venous screenings for all medical and support staff working on the Scripps Memorial Campus. All guests were offered breakfast from Sigvaris, a complimentary lunch, appetizers, and desserts. During the evening, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce joined the celebration for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, as the doors were open for the local business community.  For information on the latest on treating vein-related conditions, call La Jolla Vein Care at (858) 550-0330.


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Peak Performance

Compression stockings are known for improving circulation after the removal of varicose veins. But can they improve athletic performance? The answer is a resounding yes. According to Medi, compression sport stockings are clinically proven in increase performance. Over the course of a marathon, for example, running time is reduced by approximately five minutes while the exertion on your muscles is reduced by roughly six percent. Moreover, a study by Technische Universität Dresden reveals that blood circulation is 30% higher at rest after engaging in certain athletic activities when wearing compression sport stockings. So whether you’re a jogger checking out the scenery or a hard-core athlete training for a marathon, there’s something to help you reach your peak.


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Radio Waves

The 2010 Health & Beauty Expo in San Diego is making news on the radio. Click here to listen to Brent Bittman, founder of Avant-Garde Business Solutions, talk about the featured speakers headlining the expo. On September, 08 2010, make sure to head downtown to one of the hottest events of the year—and get a chance to listen to Dr. NIsha Bunke and other distinguished speakers provide the latest insights on health and beauty.


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Introducing Dr. Sardo

La Jolla Vein Care is excited to announce its association with Marialyn J. Sardo, MD, FACS and The Center for Beauty. As a prominent plastic surgeon, Dr. Sardo was recognized as a Women to Watch in the Millennium by Amici Magazine and has made several television appearances, which include segments on ABC, CBS, and TLC. As a distinguished expert in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sardo specializes in body contouring and facial rejuvenation procedures, which include breast surgery, abdominoplasty, liposuction, anti-aging skin care, and injectable fillers.

After graduating from UCSD’s School of Medicine, Dr. Sardo trained in general surgery at UCLA and the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She received her training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at Boston University Medical Center. With the new relationship with Dr. Sardo, La Jolla Vein Care patients looking for cosmetic enhancements can get easy access to a word-class surgeon—all onsite.

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Making News

La Jolla Vein Car continues to provide the latest insights for treating vein-related problems. Recently, renowned Vein Specialist, Nisha Bunke, MD, was interviewed by the New York Times regarding a new injectable solution approved by the Food and Drug Administration. During the interview, Dr. Bunke described how the solution is used for patients looking for an alternative to surgery.

Dr. Bunke specializes in diagnosing and treating different venous conditions using the latest and safest techniques available. In the article, the New York Times asked a former patient about his experience with Dr. Bunke. According to “Judson Emerick, an art history professor at Pomona College, ” he ‘had varicose veins so troublesome that he kept getting skin ulcers that failed to heal.’ After a series of injections with Dr. Bunke, his ulcers have subsided and he is thrilled.”

‘My veins had disappeared,’ and ‘My calves and definition were visible again.’  At La Jolla Vein Care, Dr. Bunke is doing more than practicing medicine—she’s changing lives.

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The Future is Here

La Jolla Vein Care is blazing a trail of innovation by creating a new standard of excellence in medicine. By leveraging the most sophisticated treatments for vein-related conditions, the center is at the forefront of the industry, using non-surgical procedures to minimize pain, reduce cost, and promote healthy living.

By using the latest techniques, patients get access to a safe alternative to surgery for treating common conditions such as varicose veins, spider veins, and leg ulcers. At La Jolla Vein Care, patients get more than high quality care—they get a glimpse of the future.

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