How Much Does Spider Vein Sclerotherapy Cost?


Before and after spider vein treatment with sclerotherapy at La Jolla Vein Care.

At La Jolla Vein Care, we offer a cosmetic spider vein clinic staffed by our Registered Nurse or Physician’s Assistant, who perform the treatment of those small, pesty spider veins.  Everyone is different, and each person will have individual needs. Therefore, the cost depends on how much solution is required to obtain best results.  The treatment starts at $100 for the first vial of solution. One vial will treat approximately a ‘tuna can’ size cluster/s of spider veins.  Each additional syringe is $75.  The maximum solution that can be used during a single treatment is 5 syringes.  Most people will need more than one treatment session for best results. Everyone is different, so the amount used each treatment and how many treatments will be necessary depend on the individuals vein condition. The national average is 2-5 sclerotherapy treatment sessions. Call 858-550-0330 to speak with our staff for more information.