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June 2020

3-Stage Approach to Vein Treatment


When visible signs of venous disease such as spider veins, varicose veins, or skin changes are present, this is usually the tip of the iceberg, and an underlying vein problem is present. An underlying vein condition (venous reflux disease) can be detected with ultrasound. A treatment plan is focused on treating the underlying vein problems […]

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Do I Need Surgery for Varicose Veins?


Non-surgical treatment alternatives for eliminating varicose veins

No! We’ve performed thousands of surgery-free treatments. 

Surgery is rarely performed these days to eliminate varicose veins. Modern endovenous procedures, which were first introduced around the year 2000, have replaced surgery for most patients. Endovenous became the standard of care over vein stripping surgery in 2007.  Treatment can be done […]

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How To Wear Compression Stockings


How to put them on, tips and troubleshooting common issues with compression stockings

Compression stockings are an important part of conservative management and after treatment care of venous reflux disease. It is important to wear compression stockings correctly, and obtain a proper fit to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Applying stockings with ease:

  1. Turn […]
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Understanding Insurance Coverage for Varicose Veins


Does Insurance Pay for Varicose Vein Treatment? Here’s the criteria that determine if insurance pays for varicose vein treatment

Most insurance types (including Medicare and Molina) will cover varicose vein treatments that are considered “medically necessary care” but not for “cosmetic care”.  Varicose veins (bulging leg veins) have to cause symptoms such as leg pain to […]

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Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy Treatment: What to Expect


Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy allows your doctor to treat backwards flow (or “reflux”) in superficial veins that are not visible to the naked eye but are causing symptoms including pain, swelling, and varicose veins.  Ultrasound allows us to localize the unhealthy veins, inject the medication precisely, and guide the medication towards areas of varicose veins. This minimally […]

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COVID Precautions at La Jolla Vein Care


While we offer telemedicine visits and in-home ultrasound diagnostics, if you prefer or need to come to our office, we want you to know about the extensive COVID precautions we have taken to ensure our office is one of the safest places you can be.

We want you to know that our first concern has always been […]

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What to Expect After Saphenous Vein Ablation


After a vein ablation procedure, such as radiofrequency or laser ablation, it is normal for your leg to feel swollen. The swelling is the fluid that was placed around the vein called tumescent anesthetic. You will feel the swelling in the location where the vein was treated. If the vein in the thigh was treated, […]

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May 2020

Approach to Vein Treatment


Venous Reflux Disease is Treated By a Staged Approach

Step 1: The Underlying Problem

The first step is to treat the underlying problem, the venous reflux. The specific pattern of venous reflux was detected by ultrasound. Venous reflux usually starts in the saphenous veins. The saphenous veins are most effectively treated with […]

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Vein Treatment During COVID-19


The International Union of Phlebology (UIP) Published a Consensus Document in the Journal of Vascular Surgery regarding the treatment of patients with vein disorders during COVID: Triage of Patients with Venous and Lymphatic Diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic- the Venous and Lymphatic Triage and Acuity Scale (VELTAS). 

We are pleased to report that our own practice guidelines are […]

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