La Jolla Vein Care Doctors, Drs. Helane Fronek and Bunke-Paquette were Invited to participate in the Union International de Phlebology World Congress, which was held in Boston September 9th-12th. The World Congress is held every four years and includes key leaders and rule makers in the field of venous and lymphatic disorders from around the world. At the last World Congress held in Monaco in 2009, Dr. Bunke was awarded the UIP fellowship award. At this years conference, Dr. Helane Fronek was invited to speak about ‘Which Compression in Mixed, Arterial-Venous Disease’ to an audience of vascular specialists and ‘Communication Matters’ at the Nursing Symposium. She was also a guest chair and led discussions about superficial venous disease. As an expert on superficial venous disease, Dr. Bunke-Paquette was invited to be a judge of original research which was presented by very distinguished MDs and PhDs. Research topics ranged from ‘sclerotherapy for chronic venous insufficiency: a report from the american venous registry’ to ‘neovascularisation and dilated pre-formed veins at saphenofemoral junction-therapy with duplex guided foam sclerotherapy’ and ‘patient follow-up after varicose vein interventions in the UK- the view of surgeons, general practitioners and patients’ and ’12 months follow up of a randomized study comparing endovenous occlusion of the incompetent great saphenous vein with radial EVLA versus RFA ClosureFast.’