Society for Vascular Medicine Meeting To Be Held in La Jolla

The Society for Vascular Medicine’s 25th Anniversary and Scientific Sessions 2014 are going to be held in La Jolla this week. La Jolla Vein Care’s Dr. Bunke was asked to speak on venous topics.  The keynote speaker will be Dr. Jonathan Woodson, MD, U.S. Department of Defense, Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs). There will be several scientific topics and research discussed over several.  Some of the topics include:

Venous disease

Lymphatic disease

Anticoagulants, thrombolytic therapy

PAD/endovascular therapy
Carotid arterial disease/endovascular therapy

Management of the non-healing wound in venous disease
Management of the diabetic wound
What do the guidelines recommend?

 Sclerotherapy, laser, endovenous approaches, liquid sclerotherapy
Foam sclerotherapy
Endovenous laser and instruction for access
Endovenous RF and instruction for access
Chronic Venous Disease
Epidemiology and pathophysiology including molecular insights into venous ulcer formation
Medical management: Compression therapy, novel herbal agents (horse chestnut and others)
Endovascular therapy: Ablation, radiofrequency, laser (superficial vs. deep incompetency)
Treatment of chronic venous occlusions svmlogo