When Diabetic Patients Need Compression Socks

People with diabetes often have circulation problems that can cause swelling in their feet, ankles and legs.  There are many causes of leg swelling, not necessarily related to diabetes.  Leg swelling can be caused by more serious conditions- many of which can be associated with diabetes complications such as heart disease, venous insufficiency, and kidney disease.  Certain diabetes medication can also cause swelling.

Now, Sigvaris has introduced a compression sock for diabetic patients.  There is a difference between the diabetic compression sock and a mere diabetic sock without compression.  New research shows that for many diabetic patients, compression socks can help keep legs and feet healthy, as well as allow the patient to have a more active lifestyle.  Foot and skin care is important to the diabetic patient.  Keeping swelling under control is important in improving the skin condition and reducing complications related to leg swelling.