You have been offered cryo-sclerotherapy to treat spider veins and small varicose veins at the skin surface (also known as reticular veins). Traditional sclerotherapy involves injection image of cryosclerotheraphy procedureof a medication into the vein using a tiny needle. This causes the vein to collapse and eventually fade away. The medication will be administered in a liquid and/or foam formulation, depending on the size of the veins. Cryo-sclerotherapy is the combination of traditional sclerotherapy in combination with the use of a cryo device. The cryo device delivers puffs of cold air simultaneously during sclerotherapy. The result is the cold air anesthetizes the skin so the treatment is relatively painless. This is especially helpful for treatment of sensitive areas like the inner ankles and thighs. Instead of feeling the needle prick, you will feel puffs of cold air instead. The cold air may also reduce bruising and pain.

What should I expect on my treatment days?

You will sign your consent form then change into shorts provided by the office. We will clean your skin with alcohol.  The sclerosant medication will then be injected into your veins with a fine needle.  Just before the needle is used, you will feel puffs of cold air. The cold air will anesthetize the skin, so that the prick from the needle is not felt or lessened. Every time the needle is used, you will feel puffs of cold air instead. After your treatment, we will help you into your compression stockings, then you will walk for 30 minutes prior to getting in your car.  It is normal for your legs to be achy and tender to the touch after treatment.