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Dr. Bunke Featured in BestLife discussing Venus Reflux

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Business Women of The Year | San Diego Business Journal

The San Diego Business Journal has the longest-running recognition program in our area for women business leaders, and in honor of our 25th annual event, we celebrated 25 winners at the Business Women of the Year event December 13, 2018, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

Dr. Nisha Bunke, Medical Director of La Jolla Vein Care

Nisha Bunke
CEO La Jolla Vein Care

Dr. Bunke Finalist for 2018 Business Women of the Year

Dr. Nisha Bunke is CEO of La Jolla Vein Care. Founded in 2010, the practice now employs 10 people. In August, Dr. Sarah Lucas joined La Jolla Vein Care, and in September, the practice doubled its clinic space. Dr. Bunke’s other recent professional achievements include publishing research that made the cover of the “Journal for Vascular Ultrasound” and bringing a bruise recovery cream called Recova to the market. Dr. Bunke is a fellow of the American College of Phlebology and a registered phlebology sonographer. She serves as a volunteer clinical instructor of surgery at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. On the award: “There is a recurring theme of support in all of the acceptance speeches. We don’t do it alone. I’m honored to be in the company of such professional women.” Plans for 2019: “Continue to grow my practice and continue research in my field.”

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Anna Martinez Practice Manager, La Jolla Vein Care
Anna Martinez
As a medical assistant and now manager of a large, thriving medical practice I have experienced both being in the trenches as a medical assistant and mentoring others as their leader. I can’t emphasize enough to my students the tremendous responsibility and role they have in the medical field.

Medical assistants set the tone of the practice

Not only do we have the responsibility of collecting the patient’s vitals and their PMH ( Personal Medical History), but we set and deliver the tone of the practice by being confident, polite and caring. Patients must feel confidence and trust going into a medical office.

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Venas Varicosas: Dr. Bunke’s interview on Spanish TV XEWT 12 Buenos Dias morning show with practice manager Anna Martinez

Dr. Bunke featured on discussing compression socks


The 5 best socks for swollen feet

When you’re struggling with minor aches brought on by travel, prolonged sitting and standing, or even pregnancy, the best socks for swollen feet are a game-changing addition to your wardrobe.

One of the most popular solutions for swollen feet are compression socks. These snug-fitting socks use graduated pressure to increase blood flow to the feet, helping to relieve discomfort. And according to Nisha Bunke, M.D., the CEO of La Jolla Vein Care, many people can benefit from adding a pair to their daily attire. She tells Bustle, “Compression socks are helpful for anyone to reduce swelling that may be associated with standing or sitting for long periods of time.”

While these socks may be useful for easing discomfort, they should never be used as a treatment for a medical issue before consulting with your physician. And while many people experience the occasional sore feet, sudden swelling (aka edema) should never be ignored, “especially if the swelling involves only one leg,” notes Dr. Bunke.

La Jolla Vein Care’s Dr. Bunke featured in


8 Ways to Stay Healthy if You Work in Retail

Protect your vein health.

Store employees who stand for several hours a day are at a higher risk of developing varicose veins, warns Dr. Nisha Bunke of La Jolla Vein Care. Not only are they unsightly, but bulging leg veins are also an indication of poor circulation, which can endanger your heart health.

“To keep legs healthy, consider wearing compression stockings to give the blood vessels in the legs external support,” Dr. Bunke suggests. “There are different strengths of compression stockings, from light, over-the-counter support to medical-grade, prescription-strength versions.”

She points out that compression stockings also help with other symptoms that can come from prolonged standing, such as leg fatigue, swelling, aching and feelings of heaviness.

Dr. Nisha Bunke, La Jolla Vein Care


 La Jolla Vein Care is proud to announce that Dr. Bunke is a finalist for San Diego Magazine’s 2018 Celebrating Women issue and event.

Along with Dr. Bunke, La Jolla Vein Care features a staff of 10 dedicated and motivated women!

October 2018 Issue of San Diego Magazine features the doctors of
LA Jolla Vein Care!

The La Jolla Vein Care Doctors 2018

30 Healthy Habits from Every Type of Doctor

We asked medical professionals about their healthiest habits that anyone could implement in their everyday lives. Here is Dr. Bunke’s advice for living well.

La Jolla Vein Care Milestones in 2018

  • + Preeminent San Diego Vein Doctor Launches RECOVA Post-Surgery Recovery Creams; Proprietary blends of all-natural plant and seed extracts relieves pain and heals bruising and swelling (4/15/18)

  • + La Jolla Vein Care Earns Esteemed Vein Center Accreditation by Intersocietal Accreditation Commission; San Diego clinic is the first dedicated vein clinic in the region to earn this rigorously reviewed credential (7/28/18)

  • + La Jolla Vein Care Expands In Medical Staff And Doubles Clinic Space; San Diego’s Only IAC Certified Vein Clinic responds to increasing demand in vein care (9/18/18)

SDVoyager article featuring Dr. Bunke

SDVoyager Story on Dr. Bunke

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Del Mar Times Article

Featuring Dr. Bunke discussing RECOVA®

Cover of SD Woman Magazine

LJVC’s Dr. Nisha Bunke has been featured on the cover of San Diego Woman Magazine’s Health, Wellness and Beauty Issue! Dr. Bunke was previously featured in the SD Woman Magazine as a ‘Woman of Distinction’.

SD Woman Magazine Names Dr. Bunke a ‘Woman of Distinction

San Diego Woman Magazine Features Dr. Nisha Bunke of La jolla Vein Care in their ‘Women of Distinction’ report.  This month’s issue of San Diego Magazine highlights other exceptional professionals and features Tracy Anderson, celebrity fitness trainer on its cover.

San Diego Magazine Announces

Dr. Bunke is a Finalist for San Diego Magazine 2016

Dr. Bunke is a Finalist for San Diego Magazine 2016 “woman of the Year” Award

Dr. Nisha Bunke as Finalist for ‘Woman of the Year’

Recova Founder and CEO, and Medical Director of La Jolla Vein Care Dr. Nisha Bunke has been named a finalist for San Diego Magazine’s 2016 Woman of the Year Awards. All finalists are featured in San Diego Magazine’s Fall issue.  San Diego Magazine’s 2016 Woman of the Year Award is given to one woman each year who has worked tirelessly to affect positive change and enhance the community. She is an unabashed leader, champion of helping others, and widely respected by her peers for her measureable success in business and outstanding character.

Dr. Bunke of La Jolla Vein Care  was selected as a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s  “Women Who Mean Business” Award for 2015

SD Magazine Top Docs2019

9th Year and Counting – La Jolla Vein Care in SD Magazine’s Top Docs issue