The first step to clean, clear legs

A personalized consultation allows your doctor to assess your condition in a comfortable setting. During the consultation, you are able to gain an understanding of the steps you need to take resolve your vein problems.


Ultrasound Scan

Seeing your veins from the inside

An ultrasound uses sound waves to create pictures of the blood vessels inside your body. With a quick and painless scan, your doctor is able to examine the structure of your veins, check the blood flow, and look for blood clots.



We specialize only in non-surgical vein treatments

Treating your condition makes you feel better and look better and it helps prevent future complications. Depending on your condition, your treatment is customized specifically for your needs.

follow up

Follow up

View your progress and provide any touch ups

Regular follow-ups are important for keeping you healthy and happy. At La Jolla Vein Care, you get added assurance with a long-term relationship with your vein specialist.