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How to reduce bruising after vein surgery?

How to reduce bruising after vein surgery?

Ice: Apply ice to tender areas. Ice can reduce swelling and bruising.

Compression: Compression stockings have been shown to reduce bruising after vein stripping surgery in studies.

Homeopathic agents like arnica can help reduce inflammation and bruising. Arnica pellets can be taken prior to treatment as well and Arnica cream or gel should be applied after (not before) treatment.

Dr. Bunke’s own creation, Recova Cream is an Arnica-based product, but unlike OTC Arnica preparations, combines other antioxidant, pro-healing compounds to enhance the skins ability to repair and recover. It include menthol, grapeseed extract and other flavonoids that have been shown to reduce vein-related leg symptoms like leg fatigue and swelling. for more information. Recova Cream can be purchased in-office, on amazon or at

A tinted version of Recova is available after facial procedures such as eye-lid surgery, laser treatments, botox and collagen fillers.