How to put them on, tips and troubleshooting common issues with compression stockings

Compression stockings are an important part of conservative management and after treatment care of venous reflux disease. It is important to wear compression stockings correctly, and obtain a proper fit to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Applying stockings with ease:

  1. Turn your stocking completely inside out
  2. Locate the smaller foot hole of the stocking and tuck the foot in until you reach the heel
  3. Place your thumbs on either side of the tucked in foot hole, with the heel located on the bottom
  4. Put your foot in the stocking until the heel of the stocking has met your heel
  5. Grab the larger hole or top of the stocking (it should be hanging off your foot) and pull the stocking up onto your leg
  6. Inch and pull the stocking until it has reached either below the crease of your knee for knee highs, or the highest portion of your thigh for thigh highs.

Cant keep your stockings up? Try these tips!

  1. When someone’s stocking is falling down, their first instinct is to tug at the top band to pull them back up. This is mistake #1! By tugging and pulling at the top band, it is stretching out the top of the stocking which will make it fall down faster and more often. Instead of tugging at the top, simply inch and pull the stocking up by the fabric that is at the ankle. This will allow for the stockings extra fabric to be moved the the thigh or calf and will keep the stocking up better.
  2. Wash and DRY the stocking! Stockings are very durable and can handle a washing machine and dryer. Putting a wet stocking in the dryer will bring it back to its original compression which will make the stocking stay in its rightful spot for longer. Just don’t use fabric softener when cleaning the stocking.
  3. Is your skin dry? The silicone top band on most thigh high stockings wont stick to dry skin which will make the stocking slip down. Moisten skin with lotion, skin cream or even water to allow the stocking to stick to your skin.
  4. Be in the correct size! Stocking that are too small on the thigh will roll at the top making it nearly impossible to keep them up. Be sure to be sized properly to ensure proper fitting. There are even stockings that are made with larger calf and thigh ranges which may help those who have a “rolling” issue. Alternatively, to too small of stockings, stockings that are too big will fall right down! Don’t borrow stockings from friends to prevent being in the wrong size. Be sure to be fitted correctly to ensure the stocking is the correct size.
  5. If none of the tips above help, be creative! You can use Spanx, suspenders to even safety pins to keep stockings from falling down.

Is the foot too tight? Some stocking brands run narrow. Signs the foot is too tight is toe numbness or foot pain. Talk to your doctor if you feel the foot is too tight.