Vein Treatments, what are my options?

In recent years, the expansion of different vein treatments has been readily available for patients. Depending on each patient’s vein condition, different treatment options may be recommended. Unlike in the past where vein stripping surgery was the only option, there are now multiple minimally invasive vein procedures that are not only fast but minimally invasive and very effective. For patients who have underlying saphenous vein insufficiency, treatment options include: Radio-Frequency Ablation (RF or RFA), Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT), Clarivein® (Endovenous Mechanical Ablation), Varithena Microfoam and also the most recent treatment to obtain FDA approval for the indication of venous reflux disease, called Venaseal (vein glue). For patients who also have bulging varicose veins, treatment options may include, Microphlebectomy (Ambulatory Phlebectomy) or foam sclerotherapy. But, how does one know which treatment is right for them? With an ultrasound and consultation with a board certified vein specialist, a specific treatment or treatment plan may be recommended based on what would be best for the patient and their needs.  Learn more about our approach to treatment, and the treatment options