before and after varicose veins

Varicose Veins in Men Common

There is a misconception that varicose veins only affect women. Although they affect women 3x more commonly than men, millions of men in America unnecessarily suffer with varicose veins.

Men, get back to enjoying an active lifestyle

Do your legs feel tired, achy, heavy or restless at night? Have you noticed that your legs swell or feel worse after sitting or standing for long periods of time? Has your tennis or golf game suffered lately? Perhaps you have slowed down significantly while performing your exercise or running routine? If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be suffering from consequences of venous insufficiency.

​There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about vein disease out there. You may hear that vein problems are only a cosmetic concern or that they only affect women. Truthfully, even some clinicians don’t seriously consider vein disease to significantly affect a patient’s quality of life. However, in addition to the appearance of your legs, vein problems can significantly affect your daily living.

​In the San Diego Population Study, a study of 2,400 men and women living in the San Diego area, UCSD researchers found that about 1 in 6 men (15%) had visible varicose veins and about 1 in 4 men (24%) had significant vein problems (reflux, obstruction) when they looked with an ultrasound machine.1 Furthermore, these researchers found that individuals with more advanced stages of vein problems had worse physical conditioning and quality of life.2 While the results from these studies are concerning and scary, the good news is we have made significant advances in minimally invasive vein treatment over the past twenty years. Most vein problems of the legs can be treated in office, under local anesthetic, and in less than an hour with a few sessions. Most patients can return to work on the same day of their treatments.

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Dr. Jonathan T. Unkart

Vascular Specialist



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