Medi-Cal Coverage for Varicose Veins and Leg Ulcers in San Diego
La Jolla Vein Care is pleased to announce that we’ve recently enrolled with Medi-Cal. This means that more people in San Diego and Southern California have access to world-class vein treatments. Most patients with Medi-Cal can now be seen by our award-winning vein experts, have a diagnostic ultrasound and help with:
-painful varicose veins, that interfere with work and lifestyle
-leg ulcers that do not heal
-leg swelling
-leg pain
-superficial thrombophlebitis
-blood clots

Does Medi-Cal pay for varicose vein treatment? Does Medi-Cal pay for leg vein treatments?
There are different types of Medi-Cal health coverage.
If you have Medi-Cal and would like to make an appointment, we recommend to call or text our office. We can take your insurance information and verify if the visit would be covered with your specific plan. Call us at 858-550-0330 or text us at 858-283-4099. You can also find more information about Medi-Cal insurance here.