New Cosmetic Spider Vein Clinic

While the doctors at La Jolla Vein Care are committed to advancing vein care through medicine, education and research (Dr. Bunke just published the 2nd edition of the Vein Book and Dr. Fronek remains an integral part of the American College of Phlebology), we are pleased to offer our new RN/ PA (Registered Nurse/ Physician Assistant) cosmetic sclerotherapy clinic for simple spider vein conditions offered on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Simple spider vein conditions are those that are cosmetic and can be treated with liquid sclerotherapy.  This does not include foam sclerotherapy for larger varicose veins, which is administered by the doctor.

The cost is based on how much solution is used, so it is a cost efficient means of treating that ‘stubborn patch of veins’ or ‘clean up’ of small spider veins after larger varicose vein removal.  The cost is $100 for the first syringe (2cc) and $75 for each additional syringe.

spider veins

Spider veins can come in different sizes and severity. Depending on the severity of the spider veins, multiple sclerotherapy treatments may be required.

New patients or patients not seen within two years will be required a physician consultation first.  For more information or to schedule your consultation, call 858-550-0330.