Many veterans experience some form of venous disease in their live including leg pain, night cramps, Leg fatigue, Leg swelling, Skin discoloration, leg ulcers, and varicose veins. La Jolla Vein Care is proud to be partnered with Veterans Affairs to offer its vein treatment services to current and past members of the military and their families. A person may be eligible for CHAMPVA when they are no longer eligible for Tricare. Family members may also qualify. Read eligibility criteria here. La Jolla Vein Care offers a full range of diagnostic, minimally invasive and conservative options for venous disorders. Serving veterans is dear to our heart, as Medical Director, Dr. Nisha Bunke treated vein patients at La Jolla’s VA Health Care System for years. Most of our staff have spouses, parents or relatives to have served our country. We are proud to give back and serve San Diego’s Veterans.

Proudly Serving Veterans and Active Military for Vein Care Needs: When your VA facility cannot provide specialized medical services, including vascular care, in a timely manner, the Veterans Choice Program (VCP) allows U.S. veterans the opportunity to seek medical treatment outside of their regular VA clinic. La Jolla Vein Care gladly accepts Veterans Choice insurance as part of this program. We also are partnered with Tricare for active military.
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Many veterans experience some form of venous disease in their lives. Some common symptoms of vascular disease are:
Pain, cramping or discomfort in the legs including night cramps
Leg fatigue, that prevents long periods of standing
Need for leg elevation
Leg swelling
Skin discoloration around the ankles
Varicose Veins

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