What is Pelvic Venous Congestion?

Published On: June, 2, 2022

Pelvic Venous Congestion (PVCS)


Pelvic Venous Congestion also known as (PVCS) is a common venous disease that La Jolla Vein and Vascular is now treating. Most people know varicose veins mostly affect the feet and legs. But varicose veins can also occur in the pelvis causing chronic pelvic pain in women; this condition is known as (PVCs) or ovarian vein reflux. Herein is a look at the condition, the risk factors, causes, symptoms, and treatment options. Read on to find out more.

What is pelvic venous congestion syndrome (PVCs)?


Pelvic Venous congestion is the enlargement of blood vessels in the pelvis due to faulty vein valves in the lower abdomen. See, veins have valves to guide blood flow towards the heart. However, these valves become faulty in some cases due to damage or other problems causing blood to flow backward. When this happens in the lower abdomen, blood builds up in the area, causing the veins to enlarge and change shape.

pelvic venous congestion

PVCs is when varicose veins are in your pelvis. This engorgement or congestion of blood vessels in the lower abdomen can cause chronic, and unbearable pain. It affects at least 1 in three women at some point during their lifetime. Chronic pelvic venous congestion syndrome may last longer than six months. It is not associated with period pain at all. PVCs are common among women who have given birth more than once before. So, if this is you and you’ve been experiencing pain, please give our office a call at 858-550-0330. 

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