corona phlebectasia

Bluish and red-colored spider veins around the inner ankle and foot, that appear in a cluster appearance are referred to as corona phlebectasia. Spider veins are often falsely considered a cosmetic condition. Corona phlebectasia  is often associated with underlying venous reflux disease. Specifically, it is often associated with saphenous vein reflux or sometimes it can be a sign of deep or perforator vein insufficiency. Whenever, this sign is present, it should prompt a more thorough evaluation with duplex examination. Duplex ultrasound examination is the only way to determine if an underlying condition is present. This helps to determine the best treatment option. In order to treat the smaller blue veins around the ankle, the underlying reflux, if appropriate should be treated first.

Therefore, if you have spider veins in the inner ankle, talk to your doctor about the need for duplex ultrasound examination, which can determine if the source of the problem is related to saphenous vein reflux, or perforator or deep vein reflux.