11, 8, 2016

Dr. Oz Visits San Diego


Dr. Bunke and Michelle of La Jolla Vein Care met with America’s favorite doctor today- Dr. Oz, on the set of KUSI after the Good Morning San Diego show. Dr. Oz talked about various issues on the show such as cupping, the latest medical trends and also The Voice Awards which raises awareness on substance abuse and mental health. Afterwards, he graciously took time to discuss vein treatments with Dr. Bunke.

Watch The Dr. Oz Show weekdays at 1 p.m. on KUSI.

Dr. Nisha Bunke with Dr. Oz

Dr. Nisha Bunke with Dr. Oz

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1, 4, 2013

Asclera® featured on ABC’s The View


Asclera® (polidocanol) was featured on ABC’s The View last week as an effective treatment for spider veins. Asclera® (polidocanol) Injection is a prescription medicine that is used in a procedure called sclerotherapy. It is an FDA approved solution to treat spider veins and uncomplicated reticular veins.
Although Asclera® (polidocanol) has only recently made headlines on television, including being featured on The Doctors and Dr. Oz, it became FDA approved in 2010. Prior to FDA recognition as Asclera® , the generic form of the solution called polidocanol has been used for decades, especially in Europe. As a result, at La Jolla Vein Care, we have performed thousands of spider vein treatments using this medication. It is preferred over other solutions such as hypertonic saline and sodium tetradecyl sulfate because it is less painful and we find better results.
Call us today at 858-550-0330 to find out if you are a candidate for Asclera® spider vein treatment.

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