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Dr. Bunke Explains Non-surgical Varicose Vein Treatments on San Diego News


Vein Stripping is a thing of the past! Watch La Jolla Vein Care’s Dr. Bunke on San Diego Living explain alternative non-surgical vein treatments to the outdated vein stripping surgery!  The episode was aired yesterday, February 10th, on CW’s Channel 6. As Dr. Bunke explains, a common misperception about varicose vein treatment is that vein stripping surgery is still used as the main method used to treat varicose veins. The truth is, vein stripping surgery is nearly obsolete, with endovenous ablation being considered as the standard of care for treatment of the great saphenous and small saphenous veins. There are other treatment methods such as ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy for the branching, bulging veins at the surface of the skin.

This news segment provides animations about how these vein treatments work.

For the endovenous ablation, specifically radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins, also known as the Venefit procedure (previously called VNUS Closure) is described. Dr. Bunke explains that a thin, flexible tubing called a catheter is placed inside the diseased vein. Radiofrequency energy is delivered to heat the vein and seal it shut. The body will gradually dissolve the treated vein. The blood is directed through other healthy veins.

A foam sclerotherapy animation is also shown. Foam sclerotherapy involves injecting a foamed medicine into the vein that will cause it to collapse, shrink and eventually dissolve.

These varicose vein procedures are minimally invasive and can be performed in the office without general anesthesia and almost immediate return to normal activities.



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4, 4, 2014

Non-surgical Varicose Vein Removal


Fortunately, Vein stripping surgery is a thing of the past. Modern varicose vein treatments are minimally-invasive with little pain or downtime.  There are different non-surgical treatment options offered at La Jolla Vein Care. The advantages of modern non-surgical treatments are that return to normal activities is almost immediate, there is little pain or bruising and there are no scars! The different non-surgical treatments that are used to eliminate varicose veins at La Jolla Vein Care include:

Before and After Varicose Vein Treatment

This young La Jolla Vein Care patient’s varicose veins were a result of an incompetent great saphenous vein. As a result, her treatment included radiofrequency closure of the great saphenous vein with foam sclerotherapy used to treat the surface bulging varicose veins.

Before and After Varicose Vein Treatment

This is another before and after picture of the same patient whose bulging varicose veins were removed without surgery at La Jolla Vein Care, utilizing radiofrequency and foam sclerotherapy treatments.

1) foam sclerotherapy, which uses an injection of a solution to collapse the vein, 2) radiofrequency ablation, which uses radiofrequency energy to heat and collapse the vein, 3) clarified or mechanochemical ablation which utilizes a small wire that spins while delivering a liquid solution to the vein and 4) microphlebectomy, which uses tiny incisions to remove the veins. More information can be found about each treatment type on our website.  The best treatment type depends on the size and locations of the veins affected and the patient preference.   Many times, a combination of treatments will be recommended.


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15, 4, 2011

Radiofrequency Technology: The Next Wave for Treating Varicose Veins

laser vein ablation

Endovenous laser vein ablation therapy (EVLT) uses a tiny catheter to seal incompetent veins shut.

La Jolla Vein Care is excited to introduce the VNUS Closure procedure to its patients. This procedure is also known as radiofrequency ablation (RFA). The procedure is minimally invasive—and it’s an advanced alternative to laser treatment. The result? Better outcomes with less pain and less bruising. In particular, this procedure is beneficial when there is venous insufficiency present in the Greater Saphenous and Small Saphenous veins, making it clear that the next wave of technology for vein treatment is here—and it’s at La Jolla Vein Care.

This is another picture, of before and after treatment with radiofrequency ablation in combination with foam sclerotherapy at La Jolla Vein Care.

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