hot weather and leg pain

April 2020

Warm Weather Worsens Leg Symptoms


Warm weather can worsen symptoms of varicose veins and venous reflux disease.

This weekend, most of San Diego was blessed with sunny, warm-weather. Warmer weather tends to worsen symptoms of varicose veins, like increased leg heaviness, pain or you may feel that your legs fatigue more quickly during warm weather. For those who have spider veins, […]

Warm Weather Worsens Leg Symptoms2020-08-19T01:00:26+00:00

May 2014

Why Do My Varicose Veins Hurt in Warm Weather?


Today, San Diegans experienced an unseasonable heat wave and gusty winds.  Many people with varicose veins may notice worsening leg pain today or with warm weather and heat in general.

The reason for this is that heat causes veins to expand and trap more blood. In unhealthy veins, such as varicose veins, the walls are weak […]

Why Do My Varicose Veins Hurt in Warm Weather?2014-05-13T23:28:20+00:00
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