April 2020

Night Cramps Commonly Caused by Varicose Veins


Leg cramps occurring at night (nocturnal leg cramps) are a common symptom of venous disease. In fact, in the San Diego Population Study, leg cramps were the second most common symptom in people with venous disease with a prevalence of 14.3%. Leg aching (17.7%) was the most common complaint and tired and swollen legs […]

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January 2015

Recognize Signs of Venous Disease


Recognize the signs and symptoms of venous disease:

heavy, tired and aching legs

swollen legs and or ankles

cramping in the legs

dull or sharp pain in the calf

varicose veins and spider veins

red or warm veins

itching around the veins

skin changes around the ankles such as pigmentation, brownish discoloration, eczema, new red and blue veins, breakdown of the skin


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June 2014

7 Signs of Venous Disease


#1 A feeling of heaviness or fullness in the legs that gets worse as the day progresses.

#2 Leg fatigue and tiredness in the legs, that also becomes worse by the end of the day and after prolonged standing or sitting. Some patients describes their legs as being ‘full of energy’ in the morning but are […]

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