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May 2020

How to Manage Varicose Vein Pain at Home


While venous interventions are the best way to alleviate long term pain related to varicose veins, symptoms can be managed conservatively at home. Especially under the stay-at-home safe harbor orders.  Conservative management can be helpful to relieve symptoms and also prevent complications (such as thrombophlebitis). These include:

  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods […]
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April 2020

Health Risks of Working-From-Home


Prolonged desk work can increase the risk of blood clots in leg veins.

As many Americans are working from home, we have received many calls from patients regarding thrombophlebitis. This is not a new scenario for us, over the years frequently patients come in for assessment of leg pain after working on their computers for 12 […]

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Easter Dinner & Leg Pain: What’s the Correlation?


After a holiday, patients frequently complain about leg pain. Especially, holidays where hours of cooking is involved like Thanks giving, Easter, Christmas, Passover, etc. Some people who may have mild venous reflux disease, may not notice any symptoms until they are standing for hours- like during cooking. Over the years, we always hear from patients […]

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Hidden Signs That Varicose Veins Are Developing

Varicose Veins Are Not Always Visible to the Naked Eye

An estimated 80 million Americans suffer from a vein-related condition. Since most veins lie deep under the skin’s surface, vein disorders are not always visible to the naked eye. As a result, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms that […]

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