21, 9, 2012

La Jolla Vein Care Promotes Public Awareness About Venous Disease


Yesterday, our own Nikki Loerzel, RVT and Kristi Manion, CMA were guest speakers at Campas De Las Campanas in Rancho Bernardo.  The event was to increase public awareness about venous disease and to promote recognition of signs and symptoms.  Nikki spoke for about an hour and answered questions regarding venous disease, vein conditions, treatments, diagnosis and compression stockings.

La Jolla Vein Care’s ‘Healthy Legs’ educational series teamed up with Covidien’s ‘Rethink Varicose Veins’ campaign to increase community education.  Last month, Covidien hosted a dinner presentation to increase awareness about venous disease in the medical profession.  Dr’s Bunke-Paquette and Fronek spoke to other physicians about diagnosing venous disease such as chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins, as well and new endovenous treatments.  There were about 30 physicians from various disciplines including dermatologists, internists, surgeons, podiatrists, etc.

La Jolla Vein Care will return to Campas De Las Campanas on Monday for a free community vein screening.

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21, 3, 2012

‘Healthy Legs Event’ Participants Put Their Best Legs Forward


Free varicose vein screenings and duplex ultrasound examinations were performed all day long for La Jolla Vein Care’s Healthy Legs Event. Scripps Ximed Employees participated in the vein screenings and learned more about how standing occupations, such as those in the healthcare field can contribute to leg vein problems. Refreshments and gift bags were given out, which were filled with goodies including Pop Chips, which were donated by Pop Chips San Diego.
Sigvaris-Life for Legs was present to offer compression stockings at 20% off retail and for custom fittings. Sigvaris introduced their everyday medical grade compression stockings in sheer as well as performance compression socks for athletes.
Overall, the event helped increase awareness about leg vein health amongst health care workers and guests.

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Healthy Legs Day


Put a spring in your step by attending La Jolla Vein Care’s Healthy Legs Day today, March 21, from 8:30am-5pm. Learn about vein conditions and the newest technology to eliminate varicose and spider veins. Enjoy free varicose vein screenings, refreshments, gift bags, and gift certificates.
Pop Chips of San Diego have donated some yummie treats for participants to enjoy, along with other refreshments. Appointments and walk-ins are welcome. La Jolla Vein Care is located in the Scripps Ximed Medical Building. (858/550-0330, www.july01ljvc.wpengine.com).

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