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April 2020

Vein Valves Don’t Work in Venous Reflux Disease


Vein valves and the direction of blood flow can be seen on ultrasound. Ultrasound is an important tool in the diagnosis of venous reflux disease.


In the circulatory system, the veins carry de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. The leg veins carry blood toward the heart, […]

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What Your Ankles Say About Your Health


5 signs of venous reflux disease found on the ankles

Venous reflux disease refers to ‘leaky valves’ in the leg veins. It is also referred to as venous insufficiency. When the one-way valves that help blood in the veins flow from the feet to the heart, no longer work properly, blood begins to pool around the […]

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June 2014

What are Vein Valves?


healthy_and_diseased_valves In healthy veins, the valves close after the blood flows towards the heart, preventing back flow.
When veins become dilated, the valves cannot close properly, allowing blood to flow back towards the ankle.

Vein valves play a critical role in helping blood flow through the veins […]

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