April 2021

COVID Vaccine Concerns and Blood Clots


Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Blood Clot Concerns: What is a DVT?

Blood clots associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have caused pause and concern. As a result, the United States is recommending a pause on administering the single-dose Johnson & Johnson coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine after reports of six women experiencing blood clots within three weeks after […]

COVID Vaccine Concerns and Blood Clots2021-04-14T02:36:26+00:00

August 2014

DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) Afflicts American Idol


On Friday, former American Idol contestant Michael Johns suddenly died at age 35, allegedly from a blood clot that formed in his ankle. No official details have been released, but TMZ is reporting that Michael Johns twisted his ankle.  Other celebrities who have made relatively recent headlines for suffering from DVT include Real Housewives of Atlanta star, […]

DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis) Afflicts American Idol2014-08-06T01:09:47+00:00
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