What is an Angioplasty

Published On: June, 16, 2022


At La Jolla Vein & vascular, we are dedicated to offering our patients various procedures and treatment options. One of those options is called an Angioplasty. It is also called percutaneous transluminal Angioplasty (PTA), Angioplasty is a medical procedure performed using a catheter. A catheter is usually a thin, flexible tube inserted through an artery and guided by imaging to the narrowed section of the artery. Once the tip of the catheter reaches the narrowed section, the small balloon at the end inflates for a short period. The pressure created by the inflated balloon usually presses the plaque against the artery wall. This procedure will help to widen the arteries, restoring normal blood flow.


What to expect with an angioplasty:

After Angioplasty, the doctor usually applies pressure to the area where the procedure was done. The doctor uses bandages or a compression device, which helps prevent bleeding. The nurse will also check on your blood pressure, heart rate, and ensure that the area is not bleeding. The procedure also requires you to lie still while keeping you rleg straight for three to six hours. Sometimes, the nurse may also put a weighted bag on the leg to prevent movement. The procedure may require you to spend the night in our facility. Similar to other invasive surgeries, recovery does not take long. 


Why is it done?

Angioplasty is done to widen narrowed arteries and ensure optimal blood flow. The procedure is common in restoring blood flow for the individual’s suffering from peripheral arterial disease. 

How well does it work? 

Angioplasty procedure helps in restoring blood flow and relieves intermittent claudication. The procedure will eliminate the symptoms associated with PAD. Our experienced doctor has vast experience in this field and uses advanced tools to ensure the best results for your condition.


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