Symptoms and signs of non healing ulcers and wounds

Published On: May, 6, 2022

Symptoms of Non-Healing Ulcers


As we’ve seen, there is a very wide range of causes of non healing ulcers and wounds that may contribute to the formation and persistence of non-healing ulcers. It follows that the methods or treatment options at the disposal of healthcare professionals will also be varied.

You shouldn’t allow a wound to fester for weeks on end before seeking professional assistance, especially if you fall under one or more of the risk categories we’ve outlined above. The following are some warning signs to look out for:

  • -Darkening or bluish discoloration around the wound edges
  • -Significant pain around the wound that persists without improvement or progressively grows worse
  • -Foul odor or smell emanating from the wound
  • -Swelling and redness emanating from the wound and spreading to surrounding skin and tissue
  • -Continuous leaking, draining, or weeping from the wound

Notice that these symptoms of non healing ulcers and wounds are mostly indicative of infection. This is a good measure as it often indicates a failure of the body’s natural mechanisms to deal with the wound through its normal processes. The rapid and timely intervention will be called for to forestall further tissue damage and complications.



Treatment of Non-Healing Wounds


Doctors will discuss the available options for non healing ulcers and wounds with their patients in order to arrive at the best possible options, but the type and severity of the wound will be the decisive point of consideration. These measures include:

Compression Wrapping

Specialized Dressings and Topical Medication

Patient Self-Care and Education

Negative Pressure Therapy (NPWT)


Growth Factor Therapy

Debridement (removal of dead tissue)

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