Your consultation will include a personalized assessment of your specific vein condition.

Prior to this appointment, you should have filled out the Patient Health Questionnaire to help the doctor better understand your concerns and past or present health conditions.


Ultrasound Imaging of the Leg Veins


Our Certified Medical Assistant, Kristi explaining how to wear compression stockings to a patient.

We will provide you with shorts or a gown to change into in order to examine your legs.  If the doctor is concerned that you may have an underlying condition- not visible to the naked eye, a duplex ultrasound examination will be recommended. You may need an ultrasound if you have large, ropy veins, symptoms, prior vein surgery, failure to respond to treatment, or if you have spider veins in certain anatomic regions of the body such as on the inner ankles, inner thighs or  blue veins just behind the knees. These and some other cases may indicate an underlying venous condition that should be identified to help guide therapeutic options.

The physician consultation and ultrasound imaging is billable to insurance. You can read our insurance page for more information about which vein treatments are considered medically necessary by insurance.

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Please note that insurance requires that you try prescription compression stockings for 3 months before preauthorizing vein treatment for medically necessary conditions.  For this reason, it is best to have your consultation as soon as possible to start the process of conservative treatment and compression therapy. In the meantime, you can also ask your primary care physician to prescribe you compression stockings. Keep a copy of the prescription or receipt of compression stocking purchase. If you have any questions about this requirement, please ask us at 858-550-0330.

To watch videos about the different treatment types, please see our Youtube channel.



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