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If You Are Self Conscious About Your Veins, Don’t Wait Any Longer!’ “I have been wearing long pants and skirts for 29 years because of ‘splatter’ veins on both calves that developed when I was pregnant with our second son. Now, I can’t believe I waited so long to do something about it! The treatments to me were a ‘non-event’ and a few days out of my life in surgical stockings was nothing compared to the joy of a stylishly shorter skirt or walking shorts. If you are self-conscious about the road maps on your legs, I have two words for you….Don’t wait!”

AnitaCarlsbad, CA

Guys with Varicose Veins? Come on… Really? YES. Athletes and desk jockeys alike are subject to those bubbly veins on the back of their hamstrings. Dr. Bunke and her staff made me feel comfortable and quickly fixed my legs. I was also told that a large percentage of their clients were men, so if you have any indications of having vein issue, go see La Jolla Vein Care — summer is almost here!

JamesSan Diego, CA

’My Legs Look and Feel Better’ “There were problem areas on the legs that other practitioners recommended surgical excision, but Dr. Bunke was able to clear them with sclerotherapy….yay! Not only do my legs look better, they feel better. Cramps have markedly diminished, no itching at all and my feet don’t swell like they used to.”

Virginia San Diego
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